Insurance Bad Faith and Related Actions Against Insurance Companies

Insurance is purchased to provide consumers with protection when injuries or damages occur to themselves or they cause injuries to others.  At it’s core insurance is purchased to provide us Peace of Mind.  However, we must remember that an insurance companies incentives are not the same as a consumers – after all they are a business trying to maximize profits.  Thus, they don’t always perform under an insurance policy as they should.

Consumers should demand their insurance company act reasonably in responding to claims and coverage under an insurance policy.  The State of California Insurance Code and related state laws provide many rights to protect consumers when utilizing their insurance to cover their claims. These regulations apply to a broad range of insurance policies whether personal or commercial, home or auto, and/or life or disability policies.

When litigation is required to ensure that Insurance Companies perform their obligations, and/or potentially to establish that their actions, or lack thereof, were in bad faith.  Grounds for liability include:

  1. Refusing to Respond to a Consumer’s Request;
  2. Delaying in their Response to a Consumer’s Claim;
  3. Denying coverage to a potentially covered claim;
  4. Refusing to Investigate to determine whether a claim is covered;
  5. Denying a Duty to Defend when a Consumer is sued by a Third Party;
  6. Attempting to cancel a policy in response to a claim;
  7. Paying below their obligation in response to a claim;
  8. Delaying Payment causing further injury to a consumer.

If you believe you are a victim of these insurance company practices, our office has extensive experience in these areas and can provide assistance.  Please contact our office at (916) 526-2770.