Failure to Pay Overtime, Meal and Rest Breaks

In California, Employers are held to strict standards in ensuring that employees receive appropriate meal and rest breaks, as well compensation for the overtime they work.  Fortunately, the California Labor Code provides many protections for employees when employers fail to provide breaks and unpaid or underpaid overtime as required under California Law.  The laws provide for employees to receive compensation for the wages they should have received as well as interest, and penalties – sometimes in amounts that are in excess of double their normal wages – for these employer violations.  Our office has extensive experience in assisting employees recover for unpaid compensation.  Please call our office at (916) 526-2770.

Misclassified “Exempt” Employees and Unpaid Overtime Compensation

Often Employers treat employees as “exempt” (where you are paid a salary versus a wage for the exact hours you work) to avoid obligations to provide meal and rest breaks in addition to overtime.  Importantly, just because an employer calls you “exempt” does not mean that the law will agree with them.  Federal and State Laws protect employees against such misclassification.  If you feel that you are unfairly being treated as “exempt” which is resulting in unpaid overtime compensation – a good test is that your salary is close to 2x the current minimum wage (or less) for a 40 hour work week – please call our office for legal assistance at (916) 526-2770.