Excessive Force and Liability

Sacramento Excessive Force Claim Attorneys

If you have been mistreated and wrongfully accused of a crime by a private security guard in any setting, you need a strong lawyer on your side. At Choudhary Law Office, we are creative and aggressive attorneys. We work hard to locate the security agent responsible and hold them accountable for their actions.

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There are laws to protect you from excessive force by private security agencies. If you have been the victim of excessive use of force, such as being handcuffed, grabbed, pushed, dragged, or isolated without cause, we can help by making certain that those laws are enforced.

We are able to stand up for your innocence against mistreatment or reprimand by any non-governmental loss prevention specialists or security agents, including:

  • Mall Security Guards
  • Hotel Security Guards
  • Hospital Security Guards
  • Store Security Guards

At Choudhary Law Office, we take a strong investigative approach to these cases by examining both the evidence and witnesses in your situation. We fight to get you compensation for any physical injury and emotional distress you encountered as a result of the excessive use of force by a security guard.

We are available to stand up for the rights of individuals in Sacramento, California, and the surrounding areas, such as Elk Grove and Folsom.

To learn more about how we can help you, Choudhary Law Office to schedule a free consultation.